Panel Damage Part 2

The damage some "panel beaters" can do to your car.

Drivers side lower quarter panel "repairs".

This is what can happen after you give your panel guy factory replacement steel and he says "Don't worry, I can make the parts better."

I would hope no car manufacturer would ever produce lower quarters that look like these ones.

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As the bog comes off it doesn't look amazingly horriffic, but then as things progress it becomes more apparrent just how much bog was used to hide his "workmanship" (or should that be workmanshit.)

The amount of bog is becomming more obvious.

The more that bog was removed, the more it was looking like it was going to get bad.

Not exactly masterful stuff.

And to think he had the option of welding factory metal here, instead of him trying and failing to make the replacement panel himself.

Not only does he proove he's not a panel beaters areshole but while he's welding in his abomination he bashes the good metel that's there around which makes correction harder than it needs to be.

When looking underneath the lower quarters it doesn't get any better. Holes left open, steel slapped over other steel and bearly tacked in amongst other travesties. Basically it's just asking for more rust to develop down the track.

Inside the wheel well there's another rust haven he's built into his "design."

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