Panel Damage Part 4

The continuation of the rear passenger side quarter panel.

The rear passenger side wheel well had a botched "repair" as per the drivers side. This needs to be cut out and a proper replacement panel made up and welded in so that we can then move on to fit the quarter panel side repair section.

Notice the patch has been simply wacked over the rust hole and tacked in. I guess it'd be against his religeon to instead clean up the area and weld a patch in properly. When the patch is removed you can get a better look at the untreated rust that's been left there to grow and grow.

Most of the rust has been cut out in this image with just the viable steel left ready to be de-surface rusted.

Having taken the measurements that I needed it was time to start cutting out the patch of travesty that he'd put in the side.

Talk about lumpy :(

Now it's time to make a replacement panel for the wheel well that actually fits.

To be continued...

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